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The Critter Fixers, Drs. Terrence Ferguson and Vernard Hodges, believe that if children are introduced to the veterinary profession early on, they will be more likely to pursue that career path. They created Vet for a Day to give future veterinarians an immersive look into the world of veterinary medicine. The Vet for a Day Program packs a ton of necessary information into a fun-filled, informative day. The program will be visiting a city near you. Please check Upcoming Events & read more below!





Meet Recruiters

Begin the day with recruiters who will speak to the students about the classes they should take, activities in which they should partake, and possible college majors.

Hear From a Panel of Experts

Hear from a panel of veterinarians who talk about their professional experiences and provide insight into their day-to-day work life.

Experience Hands-On Learning

Students will experience hands-on learning where they observe surgeries, treatments, lab work-ups, X-rays and more!

Join Our Network

Students are invited to join our network, where they can connect with mentors in their local area.

We know that hundreds, if not thousands, of children will want to take part in this opportunity.

We are excited to usher in a new generation of veterinarians!


Hear from some of our attendees about their experience.

Intern With Zoo Atlanta!

Zoo Atlanta hosts an internship program for college students aged 18 & up! Check out their current opportunities here

           Come hang out with the Critter Fixers to learn about animals, the wonderful veterinary profession, and have a whole lot of fun. Applications are now being accepted for the 2024 Vet for a Day program!

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